Last week my girlfriend and I adopted a 4 year old Miniature Pinscher at the SPCA. She was rescued from a puppy mill and is very shy but is already starting to come around. I can’t speak enough to the rage that fills my body and tears the fill my eyes when I look at her and think about how she was treated and conditions she lived in. I only get angrier when I then think about how many other animals are currently still suffering.

Please don’t adopt your pets from any company, store or breeder who doesn’t love animals. If they aren’t willing and excited to tell you all about how the dog was raised, tell them you’re going elsewhere. If you’re looking for a specific breed, try one of the many dedicated rescue programs for that breed (I’ve yet to find a breed that doesn’t have a rescue program) or make sure the breeder you’re looking at takes care of their animals (again if they’re not willing to talk about it, its time to find another breeder).

And now; some adorable pictures of our adorable new little girl: Reagan

_JDF0181-2 _JDF0196-2 _JDF0208-Edit-2




I’ve been digging through my hard drives and uncovering some more unpublished photos that i’m really happy with. Below is one of my Mum and my dog Skippy at my brother’s house is Elmsford, NY. He worked at a very nice country club there called Knollwood Country Club and also lived on the property. It was a beautiful club and we had the privilege of watching fireworks from one of the greens sitting in golf carts.  Anywhere here is a candid snap I took and really really like:


Going wide and getting close

I’ve been organizing my photos recently, gathering them all onto an external as some are scattered here there and everywhere from my laziness and lack of organization. It’s a painful task but necessary to keep all those photos from disappearing. Going through the folders to label and organize them all has led me to quite a few photos which I have never posted or shared with anyone.

I found the photo below in a folder just labeled spring. Looking at it now I can remember this was the first day I had my hands on my D7000. I was fascinated by it and my favorite lens: the Tokina 11-16 f/2.8 . I love getting in close when I use ultra wide angle lenses and this picture shows just how effective that can be. The distortion is beautiful and I just really like this shot. I was probably about half an inch from the water to get the shot. Thinking about it now it may have been a bit of a bad move with a brand new set up but I think the shot was well worth it.

Don’t be afraid to USE your camera. DSLRs are tougher than you think. My D40 went down numerous flights of stairs and was even thrown down a hallway. Just take some pictures and stop worrying.

Anyway here’s the shot and another shot below of a friend who came along for the shoot. For the second shot I used my Nikkor 50mm f/1.4

DSC_1491 DSC_1733


I picked up this Vivitar retro point and shoot camera at an estate sale for 8 bucks this summer and took a few shots with it. Honestly the results were not that great but, just to drive home a point many photographers sware is true, me included, it’s not the camera, it’s how you use it. Just go and shoot. You have an iPhone or a smart phone and it’s camera is 100000 X better than this one.:


Here’s the shot I liked best. I took it while fooling around at work:IMAG0038